End to End Gypsum Plastering Service

Supply and Apply Services – includes materials, application, workmanship, site management, project  management, quality and safety controls. 

Our Turnkey Services Include

Sourcing (Supply)

We work out, curate and source the best gypsum plaster for you. We have a powerful partnership with worlds leading gypsum brands, who are leaders in gypsum manufacturing.


Workmanship (apply)

Workmanship is our strength. We have a well-trained team of experienced experts and professionals who focus on rendering a high-quality gypsum plastering service.


Project Management

We undertake complete management of the entire project from start to finish. Leave it to us, sit back and enjoy the experience as we transform your buildings.


Quality Control

With an extensive 100-point check list, our quality control team will be in action throughout the process - before, during and after the application of gypsum plaster.



Our gypsum plastering team desires to meet every single requirement of our clients to ensure utmost personalization and perfection.



We accelerate building construction and guarantee completion of the project way before the deadline. Highest quality guaranteed in terms of service delivery.


Setting Gold Standards for Plastering

Kanish Plasters is not only leading gypsum plastering saga in India, our we are also defining the gold standards of plastering.

Avail high-quality gypsum plastering service that is India's Best.

Gypsum plasters have gained prominence for their ability to offer multiple advantages in a go. Gypsum is a miraculous mineral in several ways and is a plastering plaster for it can reduce the plastering weight, construction cost and the time involved in construction.

Why is gypsum plaster the go to material for builders?


Ease of Application

Gypsum plasters are very easy to apply and maintain. On the other hand, Plastering plasters like cement require higher efforts and materials for a good finish.


No Curing Required

Gypsum plasters do not require water curing and paint ready in 4 days, whereas cement plasters require 21 days of curing.


Environment Friendly

Gypsum is a naturally occurring and manufacturable mineral formed over mountains and sea beds, so remains a green, organic construction material.

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Kanish Plasters The emerging plastering solution

peed up your construction using gypsum plasters and don’t be left behind

Our Projects across India talks about the reputation we shoulder From villas to townships to government buildings

Kanish Plasters mission is to revolutionize the Indian Construction Industry using Gypsum Plastering

Government Buildings

Where accelerated construction, faster closing of projects, reduced cost, yet a high-quality service is an imperative.

Educational Institutions

That demand timely completion of the project with plasters that have perfect acoustics and exhibit resistance to wear and tear


Easy cleaning and maintenance, disinfectant properties, faster construction, corrosion resistance of gypsum plastering makes it a go-to for hospitals.

Commercial Buildings

Hotels, schools, malls, and other shopping complexes that require quicker completion of projects with materials that are resistant to sound, fire, and easy to maintain.

Township and Villas

Signature villas, infrastructure development, and housing projects that demand superior finish, elegant interior designs, leveled walls, and excellent thermal-acoustics properties.