A Credai member saved Rs. 10 lakhs by leveraging Kanish Plasters gypsum services for the first time.

Project Name

Metro City



Services Performed

Indoor Gypsum Plastering

Project Type

High Rise Apartment

Client Description

Town & City Developers, the Real Estate Development and Construction arm of the renowned KG group, adopts path-breaking technologies to lower construction costs in its effort to bring good quality, affordable, low-income housing to India.

A Credai member and reputed organization in South India. Over the years, through dedication and integrity and deep-set core values of trust, impeccable quality, innovation and focus, the group has widely diversified under the leadership of its flagship companies, Kadri Mills Ltd., Sharadha Terry Products, and Town and City Developers.

Project Metrics

Building Area

8000 sq.ft

Plastering Area

29,000 sq.ft

# Units

95 flats


500 man days

Project Duration

6 months


2 Weeks ahead schedule

Customer Metrics

Cost Saving

Rs. 10.1 Lakhs (est.)

Water Savings

2.4 lakh lit (est.)

# Safety Incidents


Customer Rating

5 stars

Net Promoter Score


# Quality Incidents


Internal Metrics


AAC Bricks

Product Used

Imported Gypsum

# Quality Meetings


Field App Tracker

30000 entries

Project Data

2.3 GB

Project Meetings


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