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    Save Water

    Gypsum plaster does not require curing, which conserves water. Additionally, the overall drying time is shorter than that of cement plaster.


    Gypsum plaster is more durable and resistant to cracking and shrinking.

    Better Appearance

    It has an excellent bonding property and may be used on both rough and smooth surfaces. It provides a smooth, polished appearance to the painting surface.

    Gypsum Plastering in Hyderabad!

    We have been able to supply Gypsum Plaster in Hyderabad due to our extensive industry expertise. Gypsum plaster is appropriate for use on most interior surfaces, including brick, block, and concrete. Our range is a viable alternative to traditional sand-cement plastering for all inside dry plastering applications. Our plaster is composed of gypsum hemihydrates developed with specific additives to regulate the working and setting properties, as well as a lightweight exfoliated aggregate that enhances the workability, coverage, and application of the plaster.

    Why Choose Kanish Plasters?

    Kanish Plasters, Gypsum manufactures a broad range of interior and exterior materials engineered to operate optimally in even the most demanding commercial and residential applications.

    We Are Committed to Exceeding Expectations

    In a trade that is sometimes vilified by sloppy builders in a hurry for a payday, we aim to employ high-quality components and premium craftsmanship—with an eye toward our work's durability and timelessness.

    Our Procedure Is Simple

    Our devotion to our customers throughout the bespoke process is an integral element of who we are as a contractor. We view ourselves as instructors, empowering you to make informed decisions.

    You Can Count on Our Skilled Staff

    Our committed, professional team possesses an extraordinary array of specialized skills, abilities, and certificates to back them up. Our team members have an average of more than two decades of trading experience. Do we need to say anything else?

    We Are Aware of What Works and What Does Not

    We are knowledgeable and up-to-date on the newest construction techniques and products. Our expertise enables us to discern what works and what does not—as well as what is here to stay and what will vanish tomorrow.

    We Stand 100% Behind Our Work

    We stand by our work. If we make errors, we correct them. There are no questions asked.

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    The Benefits of Gypsum Plaster


    Saving Time

    Gypsum wall plaster application is a time-saving method, which reduces the project's cost.


    Simple Work

    It is very workable and produces a nice finish.


    Conserve Water

    Gypsum plaster does not require curing, allowing for significant water and time savings during construction.


    Properties of Friction

    Gypsum has adhesive qualities. Thus, a single layer would be enough for RCC ceilings, internal bare-brick walls, AAC blocks, and concrete columns.


    Improved Appearance

    The area appears spacious and lovely due to the clean white color of the gypsum plastering walls.


    Numerous applications

    It is easy to apply and shape for ornamental reasons, the set period of gypsum wall plaster may be regulated, and the time gap between two subsequent coats is reduced.


    Smooth Surface

    It creates a flat surface that is ready to receive any paint.


    Resistant To Pests

    Gypsum plaster is resistant to insects and does not promote fungal development.


    Everything counts.. counted!

    Frequently asked Questions

    We have a research team constantly looking for methods to improve our products’ consistency and life quality. Our quality process is continuously developing, and we are committed to maintaining the industry’s highest quality standards. Our quality control checklists are the finest in the industry for plastering. In a nutshell, we at Kanish Plasters are setting the bar for plastering in India.

    Our analysis discovered that gypsum saves 30% more money per square foot than cement plasters. Gypsum molding is well-known for its high-quality interior design. It is also extremely cost-effective, as it decreases energy consumption, painting expenses, and labor needs compared to cement, sand plasters, and putty requirements.

    Gypsum plastering at a thickness of 13mm will cost between Rs. 22-30/- per square foot, ** costs vary according to the distance of the project from the manufacturer, the scope of work, and the availability of trained labor in cities.

    Although the most popular plaster forms comprise mostly gypsum, lime, or cement, they all function similarly. The plaster is made as a dry powder and is combined with water just before application to make a hard but workable paste.

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