Kanish Plasters and Gyproc Partnership

The Best of Product and Best of Service have come together. 


Known for their reputation and credibility in manufacturing gypsum-based products, Gyproc Saint-Gobain holds a prominent position in the construction industry for over 30 years. Gyproc has three manufacturing units at Mumbai in Maharashtra, Chennai in Tamil Nadu, and Bikaner in Rajasthan with state-of-the-art facilities to support consumers and clients from across the country. Kanish Plasters is proud to have established a remarkable partnership and collaborative synergy with Gyproc Gypsum since 2021 in its commitment to achieving the mission of delivering quality construction at affordable cost. Achieving customer excellence and satisfaction is all about how innovative the product is, and more so, about how good the service is. Outstanding products require high-quality service and delivery for its real worth to be carried on all the way to meeting customer expectations and requirements

A Partnership that has transformed Indian Construction Industry. 

Kanish Plasters offers end-end plastering service or in other words, turn key solutions from sourcing high-quality gypsum plaster to executing the entire cycle of plastering including application and management. Gyproc Gypsum Plasters have received a warm welcome from all our builders, architects, developers, contractors, and building owners for the high quality and eco-friendliness of the product. Using Gyproc Gypsum Plasters increases your green building points as they are certified for GRIHA and GreenPro by prominent green building agencies. From gypsum plastering the ISRO Propulsion Complex, the Metro City Project to establishing partnership with Tata constructions, Kanish Plasters thrives in offering high-quality Plastering services with Gyproc Gypsum.


Gyproc - Best Product

Gyproc is leader in gypsum products. The product quality is best in India and a product proven since decades.


Kanish - Best Service

Kanish Plasters is the leader in gypsum application in India.


Customer Excellence

Both forces combine to provide the best customer excellence.

Eco friendly Gypsum Gypsum

Setting Gold Standards for Wall Plastering

Kanish Plasters is not only leading gypsum plastering saga in India, our we are also defining the gold standards of plastering.

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Kanish Plasters The emerging plastering solution

peed up your construction using gypsum plasters and don’t be left behind

Our Projects across India talks about the reputation we shoulder From villas to townships to government buildings

Kanish Plasters mission is to revolutionize the Indian Construction Industry using Gypsum Plastering

Government Buildings

Where accelerated construction, faster closing of projects, reduced cost, yet a high-quality service is an imperative.

Educational Institutions

That demand timely completion of the project with plasters that have perfect acoustics and exhibit resistance to wear and tear


Easy cleaning and maintenance, disinfectant properties, faster construction, corrosion resistance of gypsum plastering makes it a go-to for hospitals.

Commercial Buildings

Hotels, schools, malls, and other shopping complexes that require quicker completion of projects with materials that are resistant to sound, fire, and easy to maintain.

Township and Villas

Signature villas, infrastructure development, and housing projects that demand superior finish, elegant interior designs, leveled walls, and excellent thermal-acoustics properties.