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    To be the market's leading supplier of gypsum plastering powder in Pune.

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    To establish a reputation for being the most dependable manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of gypsum plaster powder.

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    To provide quality project supervision and workmanship through recruitment, training and systems support

    Gypsum Plastering In Pune!

    Our beliefs are mirrored in our business practices. Integrity and honesty are the pillars upon which all activities are built. For a long time in Pune, we have been at the forefront of the Gypsum plastering business. Our advanced technology and production experience ensure that we deliver only the best goods on the market. We utilize the finest raw materials, which contributes to our success as Gypsum Plastering suppliers in Pune. As the top dealers gypsum plaster in Pune, we never compromise on quality. Each product is rigorously tested to guarantee its compactness, smoothness, and other characteristics. The professionals monitor the production process and employ cutting-edge procedures to ensure that the clients receive the finest of the best.

    Why Choose us for Gypsum Wall Plasters?

    Kanish Plasters, Gypsum manufactures a broad range of interior and exterior materials engineered to operate optimally in even the most demanding commercial and residential applications.

    Gypsum Investigations

    While many firms have failed with Gypsum, Kanish Plasters' research unit has given gypsum applications new vitality and quality in real-time.

    Construction in the Digital Age

    At Kanish Plasters, we manage all of our projects with the utmost efficiency. Our team utilizes more than twenty apps to ensure paperless construction.

    We at Kanish Plasters take pleasure in being at the forefront of the movement for a more sustainable and prosperous.

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    Benefits Of Gypsum Plastering


    Exceptionally smooth and ultra-finish

    While sand cement plastering creates cracks, gypsum plastering results in a smooth surface with flawlessly leveled edges. On the other hand, cement plastering requires the use of putty, but Gypsum plastered walls are ready to paint and do not require the use of putty. To conceal faults in cement plastered walls, a whitewash may be necessary. The greatest results are obtained by painting or wallpapering gypsum plastering surfaces.


    The product that is environmentally friendly

    Because it requires more fuel to provide the thermal energy required for cement manufacturing, the cement industry accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Gypsum is a mineral that develops naturally. Gypsum Plaster is a product that has been approved by the IGBC. Eco-friendly to the hilt.


    Extremely resistant to fire

    Gypsum plaster is a non-combustible, fire-proof material, and Gypsum, which includes water in its crystalline structure and is resistant to fire and heat, is excellent for plastering your house. Gypsum wall plaster provides excellent heat insulation, which saves money by maintaining a pleasant temperature in the room.


    Everything counts.. counted!

    Frequently asked Questions

    Gypsum is very light in weight in contrast to sand cement plaster and thus offers more strength when used in plastering. Gypsum is fire resistant, noncombustible since it has a lot of water in it, and safe material to coat the inside walls of your home.

    At Kanish plasters, Gypsum is 99 percent natural, and it is quite safe for human consumption. Additionally, our employees apply with their hands, which gives us that much confidence in terms of safety.

    Artificial fiber powder (dissolved in water) is used in Kanish Gypsum to avoid cracks and fissures. As a result, we can resist any type of weather. Due to the existence of crystalline water in the raw material, the elasticity is constantly maintained.

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