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    Today, gypsum wall plastering is becoming the most thriving business. Builders, homes, and businesses are shifting to gypsum plastering to make a better future.

    Saves Your Money

    We are extremely affordable, and so are our gypsum materials. So why spend more money when you can get a low wall plaster rate with the material in Bangalore.

    Highly Time Saving

    As compared to cement plastering, gypsum is highly time-saving. Within just five days, you can get ready to paint walls.

    No Water Requirement

    Water is essential. Therefore, it's important to look for materials that don't utilize much water. For example, switch to gypsum plastering in Bangalore so that you take a step towards conserving water.

    Gypsum Plastering In Bangalore!

    We provide high-quality service at affordable prices in Bangalore and worldwide. Our team of highly-skilled, qualified and experienced providers provides our clients with a comprehensive range of services. With continuous service for numerous years, we have now become the forefront of the gypsum plastering industry. Our advanced technologies and expertise make sure that the service delivered exceeds the expectations of the clients. We never compromise on the quality of materials used. Therefore, we assure you that your money is invested in the right place.

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    If you're looking for the right assistance, we are here to assist you with everything you need. We offer the best gypsum plaster brands in Bangalore. Therefore, we are rated as a 5-star company.

    24*7 Customer Support

    Do you need assistance? We are here to listen to your needs and deliver you the results based on your needs, preferences, and budget limit.

    Vast Spectrum Of Services

    We take pride in delivering a wide range of services to our clients in Bangalore. For example, we offer indoor gypsum plastering, exterior plastering, and gypsum ceiling at affordable prices.

    Utmost Efficiency & Care

    At Kanish Plasters, we deliver the projects with utmost care and efficiency. We are responsible for what we do. If we make mistakes, we ensure that we will correct them promptly.

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    Benefits of gypsum plastering over sand cement plaster


    Time is just about 30 minutes

    When conventional plastering takes 60-120 minutes to set on the wall, it takes less than 30 minutes. This specialty significantly reduces the time necessary for plastering.


    Absence of additional expense

    Gypsum requires no sand in any application, in contrast to cement plastering, which requires varying sand ratios in various locations with their particular product. The usage of sand adds expenditure that may be avoided by using our revolutionary plastering solution.


    Feel good white and soft walls

    Gypsum needs less time and money than cement plastering to create the wall of your desires. Gypsum pure white wall is a trend leader and, on its alone, is sufficient to brighten your day with its beauty and gentleness.


    Our brand highest quality

    The quality of various kinds of gypsum plasterings differs as well. Simultaneously, a single brand never fails to wow with its superior quality and puts everyone in a condition of "no need for other choices."


    Super soft wall during the early stages of plastering

    Gypsum's ultimate discovery enables you to get exceptionally soft and attractive walls during the initial plastering process. The cement plaster results in a hard surface, and subsequently, a significant amount of putti is utilized to achieve softness.


    Zero waste-zero threatening

    Gypsum generates very little waste due to its direct usage, whereas cement plaster generates a great deal of garbage.


    Walls without cracks

    Wall shrinkage and cracks are usually a nightmare for anybody looking for a nice wall. Unlike other types of plastering, Gypsum ensures crack-free walls." MARK FREE WALLS WITH IAB image enable It never leaves a trace on the wall, even after several plasterings. This issue occurs in cement plastering and causes individuals to rethink their options for beautifying their walls with plastering.


    Everything counts.. counted!

    Frequently asked Questions

    As we know, cement gains its strength when we cure it with water for 14 days. But this is not the case with gypsum plastering. Our team mixes gypsum with water before applying it, which makes it durable and strong.

    Yes! Multiple buildings, government entities, and homeowners are using the perks offered by gypsum plastering. If you want to shift from cement plastering to gypsum plastering, feel free to contact one of the best vendors in India, Kanish Plasters.

    Absolutely yes, once you have the gypsum plaster over your home walls, you can rest assured that your walls will be smooth and crack-free for a long time. Being a naturally occurring material, gypsum reduces the risk of cracks or roughness when applied.

    Millions of private and public entities now prefer a big yes, gypsum plastering. After cement, gypsum gained immense popularity and is currently being used as a popular form of plastering.

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