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What is Stucco? 

Stucco is a cement-based exterior plastering material that adds a textured finish to a wall. It is made from a mixture of cement, sand, water, lime and plasticizers. It is sought out material in developed counties due to the durability and elegance it gives the building.

Stucco Application

The two systems of stucco are the 1- and 3-coat methods. These vary based on the outcome and usability. The 3-coat system is usually made with plastic cement, which comes with the lime mixed in, and is known for its strength. The 3-coat system has a base coat that is made from cement, sand and water. It also contains pieces of fiberglass and acrylic additives to make it stronger and water-resistant. The finishing coat can be an acrylic or cement finish that goes over the base coat, which is also true of 1-coat systems.

Stucco Finish

There are two different kinds of finishes that you could use for the final coat of stucco. These are acrylic or cement finishes. Both can be used in interior and exterior space and can have color added, but the acrylic option has a brighter color finish.

Cement Finish

Colored walls based from color chart

Acrylic Finish

Crushed stones added during finish, brighter and vibrant.

Stucco Standards

At Kanish Plasters, quality is paramount and we follow ASTM standards to deliver consistent quality.

ASTM C 926

Standard specification for application of Portland Cement-based plaster.

ASTM C 1063

Standard specification for installation of lathing and furring to receive interior and exterior Portland Cement-based plaster.

Advantages of Stucco



When it comes to color, texture and the type of application, no other home siding material provides the flexibility that stucco does. It can be smooth, coarse, swirled and even shaped into figures to add architectural details.


Fire and Pest inhibition

A 1-inch coating of stucco can provide a one-hour firewall rating, which means it can prevent the spread of fire from one side of the wall to the other for at least one hour.


Long Lasting

Stucco can well last over 50 years with proper maintenance. It can expand and contract with the weather to sustain critical damage, unlike other siding options. It’s also resistant to mold, rot and mildew.


No Maintenance

Stucco is very easy to keep clean and well-maintained. Pressure washing the exterior once a year is enough to prevent dirt build up in the pores. Any small cracks can easily be fixed with paint or sealants to leave the finish as new.


Sound Insulation

Thanks to the layer application process for stucco, this creates a concrete shell around the house that provides insulation and helps keep the home cool without needing more energy.



Stucco can be applied over any surface, including wood and brick.


Multiple Finish

Multiple Finish like cement, acrylic, sanded, dash etc.. are possible with stucco.


Proven since ages

Stucco being used in developed countries since 1950s. The system has evolved and proven since several generations.

Stucco Finish and Projects

Kanish Plasters is not only leading stucco application saga in India, our we are also defining the gold standards of plastering.


Stucco Material

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Setting Gold Standards for Wall Plastering

Kanish Plasters is not only leading gypsum plastering saga in India, our we are also defining the gold standards of plastering.

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