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Kanish Plasters is a highly qualified plastering company based in Kerala, specializing in rendering, dry lining, and Gypsum Plastering in Chennai for residential and commercial structures.

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We serve across all major cities in India.

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    Kanish Plasters makes shifting to gypsum plastering a breeze.

    Control of Quality

    With a primary focus on safety and quality, we keep total control over the materials and gypsum wall plastering application services we provide.

    Alternate key

    Additionally, we provide turn-key solutions that include the procurement of necessary supplies and the application of the gypsum plaster in Chennai to the interiors.


    The fact that all of our projects are guaranteed for quality attests to the superiority of the materials used and the skill with which the gypsum wall plaster is applied.

    Best Dealer Of Gypsum Plastering in Chennai

    Kanish Plasters are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Gypsum Plasters in Chennai India. Calcium sulfate dihydrate is used to make it. It is a primary component of drywall and is present in the majority of interior mixes. This substance is frequently used as a filler in molds, sculptures, and plaster material. Gypsum Plastering wall is a lightweight material that may be put directly to brick, solid, and hollow blocks.

    Features: Due to its insulating qualities, it is fire resistant. Resistant to impact Exceptional finish

    Why Choose Kanish Plasters?

    Kanish Plasters, Gypsum manufactures a broad range of interior and exterior materials engineered to operate optimally in even the most demanding commercial and residential applications.

    Our Commitment Is to Exceed Expectations

    In an industry that is sometimes accused by hasty builders looking for a quick payout, we strive to use high-quality components and superior craftsmanship—with an eye toward our work's longevity and timelessness.

    Our Procedure Is Straightforward

    Our commitment to our customers is an important part of who we are as a contractor throughout the customized process. We see ourselves as educators, educating you and enabling you to make educated choices.

    Research-based growth

    We invest much in research to improve the quality of our work, our methods, and the plaster's lifespan.

    Integrated Service

    We provide comprehensive gypsum plastering services, from material procurement to application and quality monitoring.

    Gypsum Expertise

    We refer to ourselves as gypsum maniacs and have been acknowledged for our expertise in the field of gypsum plaster.

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    Why Gypsum Plastering for Construction?


    Extremely High Performance

    Excellent residual energy after drying, Durable, and Lightweight (Reduces lifeless load on structure)


    Smooth Finish

    Perfectly lined and leveled partitions, as well as clean and properly oriented corners.


    Reduced Supervision

    Cement plaster requires a careful inspection to ensure that the cement and sand are properly balanced. In comparison, gypsum plaster does not require the same number of satisfactory utility checks, therefore reducing supervision efforts.


    Finished to a high standard and ready to paint

    Gypsum plaster walls are ready to paint immediately upon completion of the plastering process. It provides a smooth surface on the walls that is free of cracks.


    Superior acoustics

    Gypsum is well-known for its ability to absorb outside noise that enters the space. It results in reduced echo, which enhances acoustics.


    Everything counts.. counted!

    Frequently asked Questions

    Gypsum board has several advantages: its low cost, simplicity of installation and finishing, fire resistance, sound absorption, and availability. Disadvantages include difficulties applying to curved surfaces and limited durability when subjected to impact or abrasion damage.

    While pure gypsum is white, various elements present as impurities can give local deposits a variety of hues. Because gypsum dissolves in water over time, it is rarely encountered in the form of sand.

    Because gypsum is a naturally occurring chemical, it is both eco-friendly and recyclable. It is formed in sedimentary rocks and deposited in seawater and lakes.

    As is well known, cement or sand walls eventually develop fractures. This is not the case, however, with gypsum. It almost eliminates the possibility of getting cracked or ruffed. It only provides a smooth, shiny appearance.

    In India, the gypsum plastering business is growing. Kanish Plasters is one of the top sellers in India. We have completed several private and public projects.

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