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    Kanish Plasters is making a smooth shift from cement plastering to gypsum plastering.

    We Are Honest & Economical

    When it comes to providing cost-effective solutions, we are a name that stands out in the segment of the gypsum plaster industry.

    We Use Innovative Technologies

    Our ultimate goal is to make sure our clients are satisfied with our services. By effectively using cutting-edge technologies and creative techniques, we choose the solution that meets your needs and preferences.

    We Use High-Quality Materials

    While we apply the gypsum plaster on your walls, we ensure the material used is of high quality with our utmost focus on safety.

    Best Provider Of Gypsum Plastering In Kanyakumari!

    Being one of the reputable manufacturers and suppliers of gypsum wall plastering in Kanyakumari. Our high-quality materials are known for their lightweight and durable nature. We have a wide range of the best gypsum plaster brands in Kanyakumari. We are an experienced dealer, so you can rest assured that your money is invested in the right way and your work is in the right hands. We are ready to assist you with your every need. So feel free to contact us and get the benefits associated with gypsum plastering.

    Why Choose Kanish Plasters?

    Kanish Plasters, Gypsum manufactures a broad range of interior and exterior materials engineered to operate optimally in even the most demanding commercial and residential applications.

    Simple & Easy Procedure

    Our team will inform you about the necessary actions needed to ensure the work is done correctly.

    Skilled Staff

    Our team is highly skilled and professional in providing the best solutions for your interior plastering, exterior plastering and gypsum ceiling.

    Guaranteed Results

    We are highly experienced to meet your expectations and even exceeding them.

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    Why Gypsum Plastering?


    No water wastage

    Gypsum needs no curing of water, so save water and save a life. It is highly appreciated in the areas that are facing water scarcity.


    Smooth Ready To Paint Surface

    Once we've applied gypsum plastering to the wall, the result is smooth, and you get ready to paint the surface.


    Fire, Heat & Pest Resistant

    Gypsum is known to be highly resistant to fire, heat and pests. So you can rest assured that your home is free of fungus, moulds and fire.


    Eco-friendly Choice

    Being a naturally occurring material, gypsum plaster is an eco-friendly solution. Additionally, it is known to improve the acoustics of the room by reducing the noise.


    Everything counts.. counted!

    Frequently asked Questions

    Without any doubt, gypsum plaster walls are much more durable, affordable and last longer than cement plastering.

    Yes! At Kanish Plasters, we use high-quality materials that are known to withstand harsh conditions. So you can rest assured that your walls are strong and highly durable.

    Yes! Made from high-quality materials, gypsum plastering is known to be safe for use. In addition, it is a naturally occurring material. Therefore, it poses no negative effect on human health.

    The estimated life of gypsum plaster is around 50 years. So once you’ve chosen gypsum plastering, you can rest assured that your home has been safe for more than 50 years.

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