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    High Quality Gypsum Plastering in Kerala and Kochi Be the new generation builder in Kochi!

    The gypsum plastering business is growing. Make the switch to gypsum plaster to become the next generation of builders! Concerned about the ease with which you may transition from cement to gypsum plaster? Contact Kanish Plasters for all of your plastering needs.


    By switching to gypsum plastering in Kochi, you may save up to 20% on additional costs. Conserve your hard-earned money since gypsum plastering in Kochi is far less expensive than other plasters.

    Save Time

    Gypsum plastering takes significantly less time than cement plastering. Your home's walls are ready to be painted in just five days, compared to twenty-one days with cement.

    Save Water

    Gypsum walls require no water, in comparison to cement plastering, which requires gallons of water. Conserve water! Spare the earth!

    Gypsum Plastering in Kerala!

    Kanish Plasters is a household brand in the Indian building sector. We provide superior customer service to all of our clients. Whether you operate a large corporation or a small business, our team of qualified and devoted professionals is prepared to assist you with everything. We provide a comprehensive variety of services, including interior gypsum wall installation, outdoor plastering, and gypsum ceiling installation. When it comes to selecting the best gypsum plaster walls to help, we are a business that leaves no stone untouched. Additionally, our staff has extensive expertise managing many projects smoothly. Our objective is to meet all of your plastering needs and to provide you with unmatched customer service. We are one of the top provider of gypsum plastering in Kerala serving major builders.

    Pick Kanish Plasters for Gypsum Plasters in Kochi

    With the aid of the best gypsum plaster brands in Kochi, we can provide durable, affordable, ready-to-paint, and natural plastic solutions.

    Extensive experience

    At Kanish Plasters, we pride ourselves on providing unmatched and one-of-a-kind customer service. When selecting the best gypsum wall plastering in Kochi, we are the market leader.

    Outstanding client service

    Fortunately, we have a track record of providing all types of solutions to our clients. We are a five-star rated business with thousands of happy customers.


    We provide our clients with superior, high-quality service on a timely basis. When it comes to delivering gypsum plaster solutions, we excel.

    Numerous services

    Do you require any service or assistance with gypsum plastering in Kochi? We are prepared to assist you. Whether you're looking for an indoor gypsum wall or a gypsum ceiling, our team of professional and committed individuals believes in exceeding your expectations.

    Increased service quality

    We are pleased to do comprehensive research to improve our customer service. We provide the finest quality service at the most affordable wall plastering rates in Kochi.

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    The Benefits Of Gypsum Plaster


    Ease of Application (Workability)

    Gypsum may be put directly over brick/block paintings without the need for additional finishing. Additionally, gypsum plaster is quite simple to apply and degree.


    No Shrinkage Cracks

    The gypsum response to water creates far less heat than the cement response. Thus, gypsum plaster has fewer shrinkage fractures than ordinary cement plaster.


    Gypsum units set fast

    Painting can begin after 72 hours of gypsum wall plastering. Plaster must be completely dry before painting.


    High Productivity

    Significantly reduces time as compared to ordinary cement plaster.


    Everything counts.. counted!

    Frequently asked Questions

    Gypsum plaster application is a time-saving method that reduces the project’s cost. Nowadays, river sand supply is a big issue, and rivers have grown expensive, resulting in more expensive cement plaster than gypsum plaster. Gypsum plaster is less expensive than cement plaster.

    Compared to sand cement plaster, gypsum is lighter and provides greater strength when utilized in false ceilings and other cantilever designs. Gypsum is fire-resistant, fireproof, and a safe substance to use to cover the inside walls of your home.

    Gypsum panels and gypsum plaster in Kochi have an estimated service life of well over 50 years under normal conditions. Additionally, gypsum’s natural fire resistance helps safeguard structures and building systems from harm during a fire or heat-related catastrophe.

    Plaster of Paris is a quick-setting gypsum wall plaster composed of a fine white powder (calcium sulfate hemihydrate) that hardens when wet and left to dry. Plaster of Paris, which has been around since ancient times, is so named due to its production from the plentiful gypsum found in Paris.

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