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    Quality goods may actually make or ruin your endeavor. Consider your vendor and product selection as a long-term investment and conduct thorough research.

    Simple And Easy

    Reliable goods and vendors can simplify and expedite the building process, so maintain open contact with your vendors.

    Safety and durability

    Protocol items that are guaranteed. Choosing a vendor who provides items that adhere to the procedure is critical when considering the safety and durability of your property.

    Gypsum Plastering in Delhi

    Kanish Plasters is a full-service provider of gypsum plaster in Delhi and the surrounding region. We assist builders in saving time and money on building and are changing the Indian construction sector. The nearly universal 5-star customer satisfaction rating says volumes about the quality of our service and the knowledge we possess.

    As India's most trusted provider of gypsum wall plastering, we have the capacity and capability to service both small and large-scale builders engaged in the development of villas, townships, retail malls, commercial buildings, institutions, and government structures. By providing a comprehensive range of plastering services, including interior gypsum walls, gypsum ceilings, and outdoor gypsum plastering in Delhi, we assist our clients in simplifying the plastering process. We employ our knowledge and experience to ensure that our clients benefit from increased productivity and significant time and cost savings.

    Our efforts cannot be acknowledged more than by being accredited and verified by ISO, Green Building Council of India, and Global Gypsum, among others. Our highly skilled technicians and specialists, supported by a considerable investment in research, enable us to continue our rigorous dedication to providing our clients with the best gypsum plaster brands in Delhi.

    Why Choose Kanish Plasters?

    Kanish Plasters, Gypsum manufactures a broad range of interior and exterior materials engineered to operate optimally in even the most demanding commercial and residential applications.

    4-sigma quality

    Continuously striving towards attaining zero-defect in quality management.

    Resistance to humidity

    Superior moisture resistance for interior and exterior gypsum construction materials.


    Gypsum wallboard was specifically developed for regions with high and ultra-high traffic.

    Impact of fire

    Gypsum construction supplies for use in fire-rated assemblies, including interior and exterior.

    Opposition to hall

    Superior hail protection in a high-performance gypsum roof board


    Gypsum construction materials for interior and external application

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    Benefits of gypsum plastering over sand cement plaster


    Time is just about 30 minutes

    When conventional plastering takes 60-120 minutes to set on the wall, it takes less than 30 minutes. This specialty significantly reduces the time necessary for plastering.


    Absence of additional expense

    Gypsum requires no sand in any application, in contrast to cement plastering, which requires varying sand ratios in various locations with their particular product. The usage of sand adds expenditure that may be avoided by using our revolutionary plastering solution.


    Feel good white and soft walls

    Gypsum needs less time and money than cement plastering to create the wall of your desires. Gypsum pure white wall is a trend leader and, on its alone, is sufficient to brighten your day with its beauty and gentleness.


    Our brand highest quality

    The quality of various kinds of gypsum plasterings differs as well. Simultaneously, a single brand never fails to wow with its superior quality and puts everyone in a condition of "no need for other choices."


    Super soft wall during the early stages of plastering

    Gypsum's ultimate discovery enables you to get exceptionally soft and attractive walls during the initial plastering process. The cement plaster results in a hard surface, and subsequently, a significant amount of putti is utilized to achieve softness.


    Zero waste-zero threatening

    Gypsum generates very little waste due to its direct usage, whereas cement plaster generates a great deal of garbage.


    Walls without cracks

    Wall shrinkage and cracks are usually a nightmare for anybody looking for a nice wall. Unlike other types of plastering, Gypsum ensures crack-free walls." MARK FREE WALLS WITH IAB image enable It never leaves a trace on the wall, even after several plasterings. This issue occurs in cement plastering and causes individuals to rethink their options for beautifying their walls with plastering.


    Everything counts.. counted!

    Frequently asked Questions

    In terms of resource consumption, durability, production, and acoustics, gypsum plastering outperforms cement plastering. Gypsum Plastering in Delhi is resistant to fire, sound, and heat—exceptionally superior characteristics to cement sand plaster.

    Gypsum is a mineral that occurs naturally. It is mined, powdered, and heated to a high temperature to evaporate the moisture. Then it is bagged. When combined with water, it reverts to its original rock structure after application.

    Yes. All big builders have already made the switch to gypsum, as have numerous government projects. Kanish Plasters is the exclusive provider of gypsum plastering for several government projects.

    Before the discovery of cement, gypsum and limestone plastering were the most popular ways of plastering. Limestone was frequently utilized in the pre-cement era due to its low cost and widespread availability. Nonetheless, limestone plastering is of lower quality. Since then, wealthy nations have utilized gypsum as a premium plastering material. Gypsum plastering walls is used on Egyptian pyramids to the world’s tallest structures, including the Burj Khalifa and Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers. It is more durable than cement and lasts for several generations.

    Before painting, the paint surface should be chipped and sandblasted. The same method that we use to add cement to paint also works with gypsum.

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