Gypsum plastering is revolutionizing the Indian construction industry. From schools, colleges, and educational institutions to hospitals and commercial buildings, gypsum plastering has become the norm. Kanish Plasters is a renowned gypsum plastering company in India and has a strong presence in almost every major city in the country. 

Aksharam International School is a reputed CBSE school located in Coimbatore. Kanish Plasters is proud to have collaborated with the school in its construction projects and we have delivered the school, a high-quality gypsum plastering service. 

The blog presents intricate details of the gypsum plastering work our team from Kanish Plasters did for Aksharam International School. 

Main aspects of the Project

Building Area – 25000 sq.ft,

Plastering Area – 75000 sq.ft,

Units – 2,

Workforce – 1200 man days,

Project Length – 5 months,

Project Schedule – 2 weeks ahead of schedule,

Cost savings to the customer – Rs. 26,25,000. 

Key requirements of the project

Quick completion of the project

As the schools remain closed only during summer for two months and the project needed to be completed within that period, we had to complete the gypsum plastering work in a quick span of time. We delivered the project two weeks ahead of schedule. 

Acoustics and sound resistance

Acoustics matters alot when it comes to educational institutions. Only with proper acoustics, students can communicate with teachers and vice-versa in an effective manner. Not focusing on sound resistance and acoustics might impact the learning experience of the students. 

Sound disturbances from other classrooms may impact the learning experience of children and their process of knowledge acquisition. It intrudes with the receptiveness of children and so it was important that the interiors had sound resistance and insulation properties so as to create a perfect acoustics environment for children. 

Reduce wear and tear

School environment is subject to severe wear and tear as children keep moving from one place to another. And children have higher levels of energy. Group activities and other team activities may impact the interior setting. Given the high leves of excitement and energy that the young children carry, the school environment is subject to wear and tear. So, gypsum plastering was appropriate as it helps reduce the wear and tear of walls and interiors in school environment. 

Retain moisture and humidity 

School environment must be conducive to offer a positive learning experience to children. The humidity levels and the moisture inside the building must be ideal at all times. Gypsum plastering retains moisture and so helps maintain the inside temperature always. The environment feels cool and comfortable even during summer. This would also reduce electricity consumption leading to lower costs and sustainability in the long run.

Green buildings 

School remains the most important aspect of a child’s living and lays  foundation for their future. It is important to pay attention to every aspect of the school and ensure that the environment is positive and motivating. By ensuring that the schools invest in green building infrastructure, they can promote the concept of sustainability and environment friendliness in their campaigns and also in the minds of the parents, teachers and students. This helps create a better impact on the environment in the long-run. 

Gypsum is a natural, organic mineral found in the ocean beds. They are recyclable and it is easy to convert gypsum plaster back into the natural gypsum. They are recognized as a sustainable alternative to emission intensive building materials like cement and sand. So, using gypsum plastering helps promote the concept of conservation and biodiversity in the young minds. 

Reduced costs

Another key aspect of building construction is the constantly rising labour and construction costs. Gypsum plastering reduces 40% of labour costs as it can be completed in a quick span of time without the need for putty application or water curing in between. Gypsum plastered walls are mostly paint ready and so has the power to reduce labour costs to a major extent. Also, overall, gypsum plastering reduces 20 to 25% of the building costs. It helps save more than 40 Rupees per square feet. Such savings are important in schools as they can be transferred as reduction in school fees, making quality education more affordable. 

The plastering area was 75000 sq.ft and the building area was around 25000 sq,ft. We helped the school save Rs.26.25 lacs. We used JK gypsum and imported gypsum to complete the project. 

Testimonial from Aksharam International School

We hired the Kanish Plasters team for our school construction. The gypsum plaster material and service was really good. It was totally soundproof and helped us save resources, particularly water. The team completed the project way before the deadline. I would personally recommend Kanish Plasters to everyone looking for gypsum plastering services. 

If you are looking for gypsum plastering in an educational institution then Kanish Plasters is your go-to place. That we have earned a 5* rating from all our clients testify to the quality of our service and the effort we invest into bringing out the best outcome. 

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