Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.Coimbatore is an evolving industrial city and construction industry has picked up pace off late. Builders and construction companies are on a spree to reduce construction costs and gain a competitive advantage in the field. Given this, gypsum plastering has become a must-do as it helps reduce cost, time, and resource consumption when compared to sand cement plastering. So, businesses in Coimbatore are exploring opportunities to shift their focus to using gypsum plastering and reduce their reliance on cement plastering. 


In this blog, we have covered the scope of gypsum plastering in Coimbatore and explain why gypsum plastering works the best for schools, hospitals, government buildings, etc. located in and around the area. 

Why gypsum plastering in Coimbatore?

In Coimbatore, gypsum plastering has to be a sustainable cement plastering due to the following reasons. 

1. Low cost construction 

Gypsum plastering reduces 20% of the total cost of construction. So in Coimbatore, as there are a lot of builders, For you to gain a competitive advantage, using gypsum plastering is the best option. You can propose construction with almost 20% lower costs than your competitors and so builders are already shifting to use gypsum plastering in their buildings. 

2. Lower time requirements

Gypsum plastering takes 75% less time to complete building construction than cement plastering. So, when you shift to use gypsum plastering instead of cement plastering, you can guarantee accelerated completion of your construction projects. This would help you gain a competitive advantage in projects like schools, educational institutions, hotels, healthcare facilities, and other commercial projects where time is a major constraint. 

3. Lower resource requirements

Gypsum plastering does not require water curing and so reduces the need for water. This is of high importance in construction in Coimbatore as the city and the surrounding areas are already experiencing water acute scarcity. Beyond that, gypsum plastering helps reduce the need for electricity in construction. 

Also, gypsum has a low thermal conductivity and high moisture retaining ability. So, when you use gypsum plastering in commercial projects and residential buildings, it maintains the internal temperature and humidity levels. People can manage without depending on Air Conditioning facilities. This helps businesses save electricity costs. 

Gypsum plastering does not require sand, Whereas in the case of cement plasters, sand must be mixed in the ratio of 1:5 or 1:4. So, gypsum plastering is appropriate in areas like Coimbatore, where the local government has banned sand extraction at the river beds. 

Gypsum plastering projects in Coimbatore

1. Schools and educational institutions

Kanish Plasters has been involved in construction of schools in Coimbatore. Some of the key school projects in Coimbatore include, Aksharam International School, Adhyana Public School, Firebird International Institute, Nandha Medical College, and so on. In Chennai also we have been involved in gypsum plastering for several schools including Narayana e-tech School.

A major constraint with construction of schools and educational institutions is the timely completion of construction. Most schools and institutions prefer to complete the construction activities within the duration of annual holidays, say during April and May so as to reduce the inconvenience caused to young children. So, gypsum plastering is more appropriate. 

Also, schools require excellent acoustics and sound proof capacity in classrooms so children can listen to the teacher without disturbance. All these advantages make gypsum plastering an advantageous alternative when compared to other types like cement plastering. 


2. Hospitals and medical facilities


In Coimbatore, Kanish Plasters has been involved in the gypsum plastering for hospitals in and around the city. Beyond Coimbatore, Kanish Plasters has also been involved in gypsum plastering for hospitals in Chennai including and notable among them include New Kauvery Hospital, Chennai, and in Trichy, it is Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Hospital.


For hospitals, gypsum plastering is appropriate because it is highly resistant to wear and tear. In hospitals, the wear and tear is high and so using gypsum plastering instead of cement plastering increases the resistance of the building to wear and tear. Beyond, gypsum acts as disinfectants and so protects against microbes, fungi and bacteria. It also acts as insect repellent. So, using gypsum plastering in hospitals and medical facilities acts as natural disinfectants. This is unlike cement plastering that has moisture content and vulnerable to microbes and fungi. 


3. Hotels and commercial establishments

Gypsum plastering is used in construction of hotels and commercial establishments in and around Coimbatore. Kanish Plasters offered gypsum plastering Joy Alukkas, Coimbatore, VSM Mills, Coimbatore, Hotel Green Fort, Kottayam, Samridhi Atmosphere, Coimbatore, AV Properties, Coimbatore, and so on. 




Hotels prefer gypsum plastering due to the lower construction cost and acoustic properties. Also, gypsum plasters are preferred for tall buildings like apartments, townships, hotels, and other commercial establishments as it has lower density. This in turn increases the compressive strength and the overall weight of the building reduces by 35%. The decrease in weight increases its resistance to natural disasters like earth quake, cyclones, etc. 


Looking for gypum plastering?

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