About Saint-Gobain Gyproc

Saint-Gobain Gyproc is known for its quality construction products and has been ruling the construction industry in the past 30 years. The company, Saint-Gobain Gyproc has three manufacturing units spread across the country – one at Mumbai in Maharashtra, one more at Chennai in Tamil Nadu, and another at Bikaner in Rajasthan. They are known for their state-of-the art production facilities and of course, the construction products with a record of catering to clients, builders and construction companies from all over the country. Saint-Gobain Gyproc is known for its gypsum products ranging from gypsum plaster, gypsum boards, to ceilings, and so on.

About Kanish Plasters

Kanish Plasters is India’s no.1 trusted gypsum plastering company with presence in 10 major cities across the country including Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kanyakumari, Mumbai, and New Delhi. We have a record of delivering gypsum plaster service to builders and construction companies in more than 24 cities across India.

The total area we have plastered has crossed more than one crore sq. ft. and we hold a reputation for the quality of our offering in the country. Innovative service driven by research-led growth has taken us to places and we have always been rewarded with a 5-star customer rating. We are known for our turn-key solution offerings to gypsum plasters – from sourcing the material, workmanship, project management, to quality control and follow ups. We have strode forward with a strong commitment to our mission of delivering quality construction at an affordable price.

Kanish Plasters + Saint-Gobain Gyproc = High quality gypsum plasters

At Kanish Plasters, we strongly believe that achieving customer excellence is more about the quality and uniqueness of our product, gypsum plasters, and extends beyond to cover how good the service delivery is. For the real worth of a quality product to be realized and recognized by the target set of customers, such products require a high-quality service. In other words, for customer expectations and requirements to be met, a combination of high-quality product with an innovative, high-quality service is but an imperative.

World-Class Gyproc Gypsum + High-Quality Service from Kanish Plasters = Customer Excellence.

Gyproc Gypsum Plasters have received a warm welcome from all our builders, architects, developers, contractors, and building owners for the high quality and eco-friendliness of the product. Kanish Plasters also remains the most favorite brand to construction companies and builders when it comes to gypsum plastering service.

To deliver the best of both worlds- quality gypsum plaster and quality gypsum plastering service, Kanish Plasters has established a strong partnership with Saint Gobain Gypsum in 2021 and has been forging forward since then.

What’s in the store for builders looking for gypsum plasters?

Cost savings with high-quality gypsum plaster

Cement prices, as well as the price of other construction materials are surging at enormous speeds due to the mismatch in supply and demand caused during and in the aftermath of the COVID-19. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has only escalated the scenario. If you are a builder looking for ways to reduce construction cost, gypsum plasters are a must-try. Or if you are someone who is stuck in the middle, not sure if you would be able to complete the agreed upon construction work within the stipulated time, gypsum plasters work wonders.

Gypsum plasters provide a cost reduction and cost saving of about 20% of the total construction costs. Or in other words, they provide savings up to Rs. 40 per sq.ft.

Increase your green building points with Gyproc gypsum plasters

Gyproc Gypsum plasters are certified for GRIHA and GreenPro by prominent green building agencies. Gyproc Gypsum plasters are eco-friendly and are completely recyclable. Because gypsum plasters are obtained by heating gypsum rock, they can be restored to their native form by mixing the gypsum plaster with water again. This is unlike other construction materials like cement that are hard to be recycled. As builders, using gyproc gypsum plasters would help you increase the LEED points.

Turn key solutions – Sit back and experience!

Kanish Plasters provides turn-key solutions to gypsum plastering right from the scratch.

  • Helping the builder make right and appropriate plastering decisions,
  • Offering personalized solutions tailor made to the needs of that particular client and project
  • Sourcing the gyproc gypsum plaster from warehouses or manufacturing plants. Genuineness and authenticity guaranteed. 
  • Application by a well-trained team of technologists and personnel equipped with skills, competencies and experience of being in the field since the longest. 
  • Site inspection and implementation of stringent quality control measures at each step of the process. We have checklists running into pages – with more than 80 points of check and authentication.
  • Frequent follow ups to ensure that the desired quality is achieved.

Get your walls plastered with Gyproc Gypsum at the click of a button!

Not sure where to start?

1. Talk to our gypsum expert

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We bet you will cherish the experience!

2. Customize your building

We offer turnkey solutions from sourcing Gyproc gypsum plasters to delivering high quality service. Know more about our gyproc gypsum plastering solutions at Services.

3. Experience the joy

Sit back and relish every moment as we create your dream.

Personalized plastering solutions with extensive Gyproc gypsum right at the moment you need!

That we hold a strong track record of partnering with mega building companies like the Tata Construction in gypsum plastering buildings of significance like the upcoming ISRO Propulsion Complex project at Mahendragiri speak for the quality of our construction.

Kanish Plasters thrives in offering high-quality plastering services with Gyproc gypsum plasters. We cater to a wide range of construction projects including residential buildings, hospitals, educational institutions, government organizations, hotels, townships, villas, and apartments. Know more about our ongoing projects at Projects.