Plastering is a way to give extra strength to your interior and exterior walls. By acting as a coating, it gives the walls and ceilings support to withstand harsh conditions like extreme temperatures and pressures and more. In short terms, plastering acts as a double shield that adds durability to the walls as well as home ceilings. One of the best things about plastering is that it is a great choice to keep your indoor hygienic and germ-free. However, there are multiple materials that can be used for plastering, with cement and gypsum wall plastering being most common. When it comes to choosing from the two, there are multiple reasons that prove gypsum to be of high quality and strength.

● Gypsum is a ready-made material that helps you to get a smooth finish without wasting time and extra money. Alternatively, cement plaster requires punning and special procedures to get a smooth texture over the surface.

●     Gypsum wall plaster is extremely convenient and easy to prepare, enabling you to save a tonne of time. On the other hand, cement needs to be prepared manually. Meaning, you have to spend your time preparing it.

● One of the best things about gypsum wall plastering is that it won’t expand or contract. Thus, helping you to get rid of shrinkage issues in the future. But this isn’t the case with cement plastering, as they can shrink, leading to cracks and wall damage.

● Choosing gypsum wall plaster is a way to protect our environment and nature. The reason is that it is recyclable and thus helps you to go green. Also, the material is eco-friendly because it is prepared from natural ingredients.

● The painting procedure can be started within 72 hours in case of gypsum wall plastering. On the other hand, cement walls require water curing for 14 days before it is ready to be painted.

● Many best gypsum plaster brands in India offer gypsum plastering that is affordable and is highly resistant to heat, mould and fire. Thus, helping you to get a better place to live in. Lastly, gypsum keeps your home temperature optimum – cool in summers and warm in winters.

Final Words

In a nutshell, we can say that gypsum wall plaster is far better when compared to cement plaster walls in terms of cost, long-run and prevent wall cracking. If you’re looking to renovate your home or wish to build a new home, it’s a good idea to opt for gypsum plastering. With a host of the best gypsum plaster brands in India, make sure you choose the one to reap the benefits in the long run.