Gypsum plasters are revolutionizing the Indian construction industry and have become a mainstream replacement for cement plasters. Gypsum plastering reduces construction cost, time and provides a huge saving in resource consumption. On the other hand, cement prices are surging continuously and have reached historical heights in the past few months. Thus, gypsum plasters have evolved as a sustainable replacement to cement plasters in the construction industry. 


This blog is all about our on-going gypsum plastering work for a 1.5 Lakh sq.ft residential apartment constructed by Total Environment Building Systems, Bangalore. The article also describes the importance of using gypsum plasters instead of cement plasters 


About Total Environment Building Systems.

Total Environment Systems Private Ltd., is a renowned real estate and design company located at the heart of Bangalore. Since its inception in 1996, Total Environment Building Systems has adopted innovative methods in construction, and has set new standards in the construction industry. The Total Environment Systems is known for the unparalleled quality of their homes and buildings. Their core values are closely attached to nature and environment, accelerating construction of green buildings, utilizing not and their custom space has been a welcome by people residing in Bangalore. 


About Kanish Plasters

Kanish Plasters is a leading gypsum plastering service provider with offices in prominent cities of India including Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kanyakumari, Kochi, Mumbai, Pune, and Vizag. Kanish Plasters is known for its workmanship and quality of gypsum plastering. We have been rated a 5 star by all our clients and this reveals the quality of our service. We have a strong record of helping more than 1000+ builders and construction companies across companies save construction cost and time using gypsum plasters. 

Gypsum plastering to Total Environment Building Systems

The core values of Kanish Plasters aligns perfectly with that of the Total Environment Building Systems, more so, the commitment to environment and construction of green buildings. Gypsum Plasters are a green construction material unlike cement plasters the making of which releases GHG emission into the atmosphere. Cement industry is the source of 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions whereas gypsum is a natural mineral found in the sedimentary rocks at the lakes and seas. Our gypsum plastering project to a residential apartment constructed by the Total Environment Building Systems, Bangalore covers an area of 1.5 Lakh+ sq.ft and the project is expected to be completed in 6 months. 

Gypsum plastering at Bangalore

Gypsum plasters are apt for high rise buildings

Bangalore is known for skyscrapers, apartments, and high-rise buildings. Gypsum plasters reduce 35% of the plastering weight and so are appropriate for such tall buildings where the main intention of the builder is to reduce the building weight. This in turn increases the resistance of the building to earthquakes, winds, and other natural calamities. This is one reason why gypsum plastering in Bangalore is an appropriate solution as builders are involved in construction of taller, high-rise buildings to cater to a growing population. 

Resource consumption is lower

Gypsum plasters consumer lower resources, including water and electricity. Gypsum plasters do not require water curing to settle down unlike cement plasters that require atleast 21 days of water curing. It is important that the water is splashed everyday for 21 days for the cement plaster to settle down slowly, as sudden drying may produce cracks. Gypsum plasters do not require water and so is an apt plastering solution for Metros like Bangalore where water scarcity is dire. Gypsum plasters are proven to save 30 liters of water per sq.ft when compared to cement plasters. 

Low cost construction

Builders and construction companies are on a lookout to cement plasters, more so, with surging cement prices post the pandemic. Gypsum plasters reduce around 20% of construction cost or about Rs.35 per sq.ft. when compared to cement plasters. So, if you are looking for gypsum plastering in Bangalore, Kanish Plasters is your go-to solution.

Enable construction of green buildings in Bangalore

As mentioned earlier, Gypsum is a natural, green mineral found at the beds of rivers, lakes and so on. By choosing to use gypsum plasters in Bangalore you are actually encouraging construction of green buildings in Bangalore. This indeed increases your LEED certification points and puts you ahead of competition. This is one reason why gypsum plasters have evolved as a sustainable alternative to cement plasters. 

Lower energy consumption

Gypsum plasters reduces electricity consumption and fuel required for construction of buildings. This is primarily due to the fact that gypsum plasters reduce 75% of construction time when compared to cement plasters, and so paves way for lowered energy consumption. Thus by opting to use gypsum plasters in Bangalore, you are choosing to be a part of the on going green revolution. 

Lower requirement of labor

Unlike cement plasters, gypsum plasters do not require water curing. Also, gypsum plasters settle down way sooner than cement plasters. When the labor wages are surging to new highs everyday, gypsum plastering in Bangalore is a fruitful option. Labor shortages worsen the scenario. 

Moreover, gypsum plasters require almost zero or minimal maintenance. The wear and tear is way lower than cement plasters. Cement plastered walls produce cracks and so require regular maintenance. Cleaning of gypsum plastered walls is relatively easy and all that you need is a wiping cloth. This means lower requirement of labor and so is the best option if you are looking for gypsum plastering in Bangalore. 

Excellent acoustic properties

Gypsum plasters offer a notable resistance to sound. In cities like Bangalore, where builders are increasingly looking for a sound-proof option, gypsum plasters are an appropriate solution. This is one reason why educational institutions, hospitals, government buildings, apartments, villas, and other buildings coming up at the heart of metros and densely populated areas choose to use gypsum plasters. 

You can explore more on the advantages of gypsum plasters in this blog on Advantages and Disadvantages of Gypsum Plasters.

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