is Gypsum revolutionizing the (Indian) construction industry?How

From gypsum boards to gypsum plastering solutions, the naturally available green mineral, ‘Gypsum’ has revolutionized the construction industry. Being the most reliable material for walls, ceilings, and partitions in commercial buildings, residential and institutional enterprises, Gypsum-based solutions have evolved to transform the construction industry. This can be attributed to the unique characteristics and attributes of Gypsum that eventually offer immense benefits to builders and promoters.


The fire-resistant properties of Gypsum

The chemical composition of Gypsum, the Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate, can be derived from its formula CaSO4. 2H2O, containing 79% Calcium Sulphate and 21% crystallization water. During fire accidents, this crystal water evaporates and a protective layer is formed. Owing to its composition and behavior, Gypsum stays inert until a temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius is reached. Thus, Gypsum-based building solutions such as gypsum boards and gypsum plasters strengthen the fire resistance of the building and enhance the fire protection performance while slowing the fire progression. Studies suggest that Gypsum wall plasters when combined with Gypsum boards and Gypsum Fireline boards build up assemblies, partitions, ceilings, etc. that can stay resistant to fire for up to 2 hours.


Creative architecture at an affordable price

Gypsum boards with Gypsum wall plasters can be tuned to align as per the requirements of the designer, say for partitioning a large room into smaller ones that can be used for various prices, or to make a boring, dull room into an interesting area. All of this can be done at a relatively cheaper price than other options available in the market.


Easy, Quick Installation

The ease of installation is one of the most important reasons why the construction industry has greatly embraced gypsum-based solutions. For instance, to erect a partition or to create a wall inside the building, one has to erect a frame, fit the gypsum board, fill the joints and finally apply gypsum wall plasters for a perfect finish. A considerable time is saved at each phase of the construction process resulting in a significant reduction in construction time, overall.


Perfect acoustics

Gypsum boards and gypsum plastering solutions reduce noise to a great extent due to their sound insulation properties. This could be of great benefit for educational institutions, hospitals, commercial buildings, as gypsum-based solutions offer a soundproof environment. Gypsum plastering could also be used for residential buildings, apartments, townhouses, etc., especially for those located in a busy, boisterous area.


Eco-friendly, natural mineral

Gypsum is a natural mineral deposited from water at the lakes and sea, and in beds with sedimentary rocks. It is a natural friendly substance, unlike cement, the manufacturing of which is said to cause pollution at a massive scale. Using Gypsum reduces the consumption of water in the construction of buildings and saves electricity, fuel consumption during the manufacture of cement. Using gypsum in construction adds up to your LEED certification.


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