We, at Kanish Plasters since our inception, have always demonstrated utmost commitment to delivering a high-quality gypsum plastering service. The 5-star rating that we have been continuously earmarked with, and the kind of clients- builders and promoters, that we have been entrusted with, vouches for our quality and committed service. Being India’s most trusted Gypsum Plastering company, we assure a faster, cheaper, and green plastering solution to your walls. We have played an instrumental role in making Gypsum Plastering a construction macro trend.


Why Kanish Plasters?

Zero-defect quality

In our zeal to improve the quality of our services, we are continuously striving towards attaining zero defects in quality management. We are continuously working towards attaining a 6 sigma level from the 4 sigma level that we are currently at. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality of plastering services in India.


Continuous research

With adherence to our strong belief that continuous innovations and constant quality improvements are the only way to our sustainable growth, we invest our time, efforts, and money in research. By analyzing the trends prevailing in the industry, and by closely understanding the gaps between our offerings and our customer requirements, We come up with innovations and productivity-enhancing solutions in our service offerings.


The professional expertise of Kanish Force

Maintaining higher degrees of professionalism in managing everything from projects, on-site operations to quality assurance and safety, the Kanish Force has mastered the art of Gypsum Plastering. We stay attuned to the latest technological trends and make sure that we adopt the best practices in the industry. Avail quality plastering service from India’s leader in gypsum application and a 5-Star Rated Gypsum Plastering Company, the Kanish Plasters.


Wide exposure and experience

Our on-field presence for over a decade and our experience of catering to clients of a wide range from small to large-scale builders, has offered us enormous exposure in the industry. The diverse experience of the Kanish Force has upskilled us and equipped us with competencies that help us serve the best.


On-time delivery of services

Client expectations, their priorities, and their requirements matter the most to us. We put in huge efforts to ensure timely delivery of services and completion of work within the time requested by the client or promised by us.


Cost-effective service

Offering a state-of-the-art wall plastering service at an affordable cost has been our all-time priority. Gypsum plastering is the key, as it saves construction time and cost. Our services are priced low, probably the lowest in the plastering industry. Gypsum plastering also saves on electricity costs, bringing about huge savings in your overall construction costs.


Smooth finish using green materials

Because cement is a major source of carbon-dioxide emission, the Indian construction industry has aligned towards gypsum plastering. We, from Kanish Plasters, have played a phenomenal role in leading the adoption of the green gypsum while realizing our responsibility to the environment. We use gypsum, the naturally available mineral to smooth-plaster your walls and as gypsum plastering saves electricity consumption, it adds to your LEED certification points. It’s because of these reasons that gypsum is expected to gain more popularity in the future. Choose gypsum plasters to make your dream project cleaner and greener.


Are you looking for a futuristic, cost-effective, high-quality plastering service? We are here to help you with the best. Sign up with Kanish Plasters, the emerging plastering solution provider to speed up your construction.